The Perception Beast

The Perception Beast

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I’m interested in following my shapeshifting Perception Beast forth & back across the border from DayLand to OtherLand. I am a perception addict. The kaleidoscopic infinitude depends on being deftly intent all the time.


Because we only honor and teach DayLand perception in the West for the most part, our OtherLand awarenesses tend to be less willed and more sporadic when we have them at all. (Please start asking your kids, “How was <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Dream School last night?”)


You can either consider my Perception Beast to be a shapeshifter or a menagerie. Vivid perception is the key that unlocks empathy, the grokking of  the pulse of the so-called Other – it is only Other so we can love it without being hopelessly narcissistic, perhaps?


Anyhow, in a Dream which is to me just an OtherLand experience as real or maybe realer than a trip to Safeway (except when I’m buying Butter Pecan ice cream which is as real as it gets.) In a dream, I found myself sitting in a seat in the back of a theatre and then in a seamless re-location I am sitting more over on the side nearer you. So we have seamless re-location.


Also in this episode, “I” have a variable perspective – sometimes eye-centric & sometimes out-of-body. Or a variable view. (EC, OOB, VV). My perception beast roams around the dimensions. I need to be a better cartographer and zoologist. I need to map and catalog the qualities of perception in the whole HoloLand which includes the whole shebang, all the precious pulses, repulsive and charming alike.


With the delicacy of a butterfly, the quickness of a hummingbird, and the ferocity of a jaguar, my perception beast hunts the wild perception, knowing Blakily that it is all and any always new and shocking. Anything less is my tarnish – it is always polished.


Probably it would be wise to intracede (cf pre-cede) every contemplation with a startled ‘oh my gods!’ Ohmygods, shadows & shine; spleen & tenderness; leathery bat wings and Frolic’s downiest belly-fur which is as near to warm, soft, cloud-like nothingness as something can be. It’s recklessly ravishing. I am besotted.



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2 thoughts on “The Perception Beast

  1. I love the notion of being “eye-centric”. I know it wasn't me and think it was Nicodemus who wrote something about the number of times we blink each minute and thinking about each blink as a slip into another dimension or reality. We've learned to look at our own y reality as continuous and solid, not because it is bu because we've trained ourselves to ignore anything that doesn't fit the “eye-centric”.

  2. It's very handy to be able to be reliably eye-centric. But as I can ride a bike and ride a horse, I hate wasting the curiosity-time of the so-called sleeping hours we also dwell in — which I like to think of as alternate waking hours.

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