Behind The Christian Iron Veil

Behind The Christian Iron Veil

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We are on the cusp of a 'breakthrough' in multi-D consciousness. It's already well-under way in the Next Age communities around the world — it just hasn't broken through the Christian Iron Veil yet. (Not to suggest that you, dear reader, are or aren't Christian — it's just that Fanged Christianity is in the ascendancy in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />America now rather than Tender Christianity.)

We all barely tap our synapse capacity. You won't find it harder to keep track of the multi-D experience — indeed at some level you already are! You'll actually have a chance to be more coherent about your energy management when you aren't having to slyly and stealthily judge what energies you can allow to cross your face or which you gotta hide from the Acceptable Telescreen of Normal Suburban Judgment.

It's the subterfuge that's draining.

Generally the big rules will be If you can't fix it, don't break it. Be kind to your kind. Physically. Killing people of different shades or creeds strings out vengeance. You think 'After I get back at them, then I'll stop.'


Tender Christianity or other forms of empathy are what take real courage. Fanged Christianity substitutes a paranoid power for the horrors of empathy. Empathy requires a mutual ceding of control & how damned dangerous is that? Empathy is the portal to the fairer future, but only some consciousnesses will dare it at first – like space flight – not everyone has the right stuff to take the weightlessness, the unsafeness.


It’s easier far to set armies of other people’s children amarch in distant lands where the screams and ruined dreams are set supposedly outside one’s ken. You do have to pay eventually because the universe cannot, is unable to forget. It’s not, however, into vengeance, just into grokking, or the deep understanding that’s like drinking in understanding deeply like cool water in the desert.


What’s been done to you is like morning mist; what you did unto others is adamant.


Anyhow, soon enough you’ll begin to notice that you remember your dreams more. That they have a substance and otro-physics  laws and otro-chronos laws and otro-social rules and customs, and you will begin to become educated into your own wider experience. Most of us are infants in recalling and acting in this wider-worlds experience, but just like when you were a child in DayLand, you learn and become nifty.



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5 thoughts on “Behind The Christian Iron Veil

  1. At least the Iron Curtain is in the rear view mirror. The Christian Iron Veil has sadly brought interdimensional traffic to a standstill for most Americans.
    I'm glad you see some chinks in the Veil, pog. I'm happy to embrace your in-sight.

  2. The Iron Veil is an IRONic take on the Iron Curtain. Ha!
    We are sure getting beaten by the Bible Belt in an Old Testament grim punishing father version of things. I think these Fanged Christians (vs the Tender Christians) missed the New Testament.

  3. If only we could treat Religion like Santa Claus. Like some pleasing and inspiring hallucination which cheers us through the seasons & that doesn't literally exist but is a nice story and a generous idea. It's the pompous absolutism of the desert monotheisms that is so dumb and depressing.

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