Machiavelli, Karlsputin Rove, & Dick

Machiavelli, Karlsputin Rove, & Dick


The key to AllPolitics (this is the Niccolo Machiavelli Standard, NMS, the political gold standard) is the fortune cookie and the acronym. Put it in a fortune cookie if you must be so prolix. “No new taxes” is a classic. Stupidissimo to the max, but velcroaic.

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Better tho is an acronym: WMD. Without WMD, we would never have gone to that quagsand war. Even a phrase or a word would have saved us all this chaos and blood. An acronym makes even stupid people feel in the know. Once you're an insider around the water cooler, you will countenance awful things — think fraternity initiations on steroids.


Now the gloss on the above. Niccolò was remarkably savvy. He knew how to codify wickedness or ruthlessness. He was kind of the satanic Hammurabi. The Perfect Pragmatist sans coeur. (Not that ole Hammurabi was warm & fuzzy. For instance: “The witness who testifies falsely is to be slain.” So ‘Bye bye, KarlBoy.’)


The Present Menaces are the genetic offspring of  the Inquisitor DNA Line and the Machiavelli DNA Line. They are half-living and half-dead which is why their auras are so grimy. I have described looking at them with eye3 as if one were seeing an oatmealy churn of clotted white Styrofoam particles with the ends of barbed wire floating in the turgid mix. In Dreamer’s Book of the Dead, Robert Moss describes the heavy energy of the unquiet dead as “dense energy stuff that looks to inner sight like gray, used chewing gum.”  In the gluck I’ve seen around Mr. Cheney, the key quality is its foul opacity – it is designed to hide and as one’s blood congeals in response, one fears to imagine what that sluggish though vigilant opacity conceals?


Power makes right. If you (Dick) are doing it – even torture – it is ispso facto right. Might makes right is a snazzier phrase, but misleading. These folks are largely in the shadows. It’s not the trumpets of armies, but an orchestrated secret ruthlessness that is the hallmark of their method. Make no mistake — Mr. Cheney is the Villain in Chief. No psychiatrist would not recoil if they could see the sociopath Mr. Cheney has become. He sees and feels himself beyond any normal moral rules. He can break the rules for ‘our own good.’ And he gets to decide which rules and when. Tyrants were always thus. They know better than we what’s good for us. If only we could see what they (madly) see, we would understand.


Mr. Cheney is apparently very convincing. I read a New Yorker article some years back. The author said he walked out of the first interview thinking what a fine fellow Mr. Cheney was, Until he got home and read his notes and saw the unspeakable things Mr. Cheney had said. Mr. Cheney has had Mr. Bush upon an hypnotic leash. (Anyone but his own father, whom Mr. Bush despises — unconsciously because his mother despises George1. She thinks of her husband as a weakling, a kind of daff.) George is thinking that Mr. Cheney seems fallible with the Gigantic Mess in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Iraq. That he George could set out on his own, sans Karl, sans Dick. This is very dangerous too because most of the information which has been poured into George’s ear for years has come from a man avalanchedly going mad. (Note that life-long friend Scowcroft tellingly says he doesn’t recognize Mr. Cheney anymore.)


George’s quasi-independence, if it transpires, will not be a pretty thing to watch. He will not have moderation, balance, and sense. He’ll lurch too far in one direction and either obdurately stay on the false course or overcorrect. He is not independently developed as a personality. He has been a puppet and a husk, liking the post 9-11 adulation. He may feed upon the military venues, but his façade such as it was is busted and he is a spoiled adolescent – a popinjay — at best. He is more impressed by himself than he has earned.


I want to get to fortune cookies and acronyms, but that’ll have to wait for another night.


WMD .. Worms Make Dirt.  



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2 thoughts on “Machiavelli, Karlsputin Rove, & Dick

  1. Your analysis of Cheney feels chillingly true. The clotted aura you describe is very similar to what I've seen around the man, if that's what he is. 'Clotted' and 'turgid' are just the words. Most auras have some transparency or at least translucency even if the person is ill or nasty.

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