Dream With George Bush

Dream With George Bush

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I had a long dream in which I was being nice to George Bush. No, no, not biblically nice. We were alone in a rustic place. I was talking to him about the original simple palaver of radical Jesus before it got all hyped up with the poison of power. And most poignantly I was talking about Ho Chi Minh, the winning <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Vietnam general, saying, “We live here. We would have fought you for 300 years.” Mr. Bush said, “He said that?”


What surprised me was how kind and warm I was – genuinely diplomatic – a whole lot more diplomatic than I feel in DayLand. I touched his shoulder and held his hand. Good for me for putting the cause of peace before the vain desire for vengeance.


You’d have to grok the rabidity of my disdain for the zealoted Mr. Bush to ingest the alchemical slow shock Day-I felt at Other-I’s diplomacy. It was a lesson, no question, to inhabit-observe a more sweetly and deeply accomplished self. I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. Day-I is still fraught with venom. Other-I was sincere. It wasn’t an act she was using for purposes. Day-I did manage to anti-heisenbergally not interfere with all my pent-up umbrage and recoiling. The chance to do a purer act for peace was clearly too profound to fuck up with bile.


I can see and agree with the necessity of that transaction for peace, but tho I grok the revelation, I do not now inhabit that perspective directly — which is quite a bi-location phenomenon. I mean is it an attitude I can put on like a cowgirl hat? Or inhabit like a gehry house instead of my velarde st. house? How do Day-I relate to this clearly wiser, better-tuned, further, Other-I? She was centrally ‘me’ – it wasn’t that I was outside her watching her like she (or I) was a clone. The whole event is a phenomenon I don’t understand yet if ever – I’m just reporting to you as honestly as I can find the sentences for in a nation which doesn’t honor the daily experience of multiple dimensions unless they’re acceptably Religious.   



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3 thoughts on “Dream With George Bush

  1. Mr Pogblog,
    I can understand your dreaming about George Bush, but does it seem possible that W himself dreams at all?
    If so, how barren must it all be?

  2. It's good to think that at some level Mr. Bush is reaching out beyond his Heaven-Sent hallucination of himself and asking any question.
    As your own self in that place was wiser than you daily feel, his questioning self has probably not leaked into his daily consciousness either. But at least there's a glimmer. Though I sure agree with chancelucky that I would not want to have George's dreams. Nor his karmic deficit.

  3. cl & snopes,
    Apparently at some level George dreams because there we were. But as to what he comprehends from his cosmal versus his global experience, I would sure like to know.
    He is making our Day Dream dismal, I'll say that without fear of contradiction.
    I think we are at the end of history in the sense that this self-centered, tribal, nation-centric view will end or radically diminish soon and we can begin a new more collaborative story.
    If I had to guess it will be water, not oil that will make us realize we is all kin under the skin.
    The concentration of people in urban areas (especially in China & India & Africa when it begins to develop) will put demands on water that will force us to cooperate.

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