Alito .. More Promiscuous Piety

Alito .. Sick at Heart .. More Promiscuous Piety

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Preliminary thoughts on Alito.


Oh good, another old white guy. Go Guns(especially machine guns) & constrain them uppity womens. If you don’t have enough money for Health Care, give ‘em some tuff luv. “It’s tuff that you don’t have Health Care, but God luvs you anyway, even diseased, in pain, or, better, dead.”


My clarion North Star is that the poisonous, pious suckers do die off. Sadly not in my lifetime. I do dream of the Rapture when all the Interfering Pious vanish in 43 seconds or what ever snippet of time is required for them to be whooshed into the Lovin’ Arms of an Angry God. They don’t know the LambChop Plans, but who am I to tell them?


When you see yourself sliding back down into the sulphurous pits of the Middle Ages with “Ask Your Husband Before You get An Abortion & BTW, Walk Three Feet Behind” Alito, it's about not just reproductive rights but the right not to be a slave to any other human being.


Ask Your Husband?! Ask Your Husband??!! Ask Your Husband???!!! Shall we return to Wives & Husbands drinking fountains too?


A return to the chattel mentality is a storm the battlements fight. I'm not sure even wise and thoughtful men can imagine what it feels like to face a return to this repugnant world and cocoon some of us spent a lifetime battling out of. Let them eat communion wafers.


Sharpen the guillotines.




A friend said “I’d personally like to see Roe v. Wade upheld, but it’s far more important to me that whoever serves on the court have both wisdom and vision.” Way too rational a view, my friend.


I gotta say that losing Roe v Wade means hacked-up young women, often self-mutilated. “Far more important” seems odd to me. I personally can't imagine wisdom or vision overturning Roe v Wade. But then I'm a woman who lived thru the era of hacked-up young women — friends of mine even. Not anecdotes, but first hand watching the blood pour onto the floor. I’ll never forget the smell of all that blood.


//As for the present court — nothing harmed the whole sacred(small 's') concept of  the rule of law beyond influence more than the completely wretched decision to stop the votes being counted. Never can we claim purity again before the developing democracies. Nepots will always go 'Wink Wink — oh yeah, you gotta count the votes even if you don't like the results, nudge, nudge.' This was a catastrophically short-sighted decision.


People said to me then that my frantic concern was because Al Gore didn't 'win.' I said NO — it was because the sacred (small 's' — no voice of God) idea of democracy itself had been indelibly defiled.



I always thought that if each of the Ranters outside a Planned Parenthood would hand each young woman a check for the child's upbringing through <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Princeton, I might think about taking them seriously. (A Pro-Decent Life Account?)


I went to a boarding school in the 1950s. One night when I was a sophomore, my roommate & I woke up and a friend who was a senior was bleeding to death on the floor of our room. I have never seen so much blood. We soaked it up with towels and towels which we later buried. I can still remember the smell of all that blood.


Our friend Jane (not her name) had tried to do an abortion on herself with a knitting needle. I swear — we were all so incredibly ignorant. Of course we didn't call for help or a doctor because pregnancy was such a Terrible Thing.


I always shudder when I think that we would have let her die. It never occurred to any of us to tell anyone — so dread was the secret. (Which is why this parental notification is SUCH a bad idea.) Jane just barely didn't die. Her naturally olive skin was white as chalk for two months. I'm not sure if she ever could have children later in life. She butchered herself pretty badly in her panic. (She may not even have been pregnant — she might have just missed a period and freaked out, tho we didn't know that word then.)


The idea of losing Roe v Wade gives me very personal & vivid nightmares. I know better than many what we could go back to. 


The hideous hypocrisies of these ‘pro-birth’ folks are chilling.


Karl is clearly back. Alito has a list of revolting Inquisition Ideas. Keep your mind and ears open.



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3 thoughts on “Alito .. More Promiscuous Piety

  1. I was in the car with two people I work with neither of whom has any memories of the pre-Roe world. I can see the anit-abortion position as “rational”, but it's also entirely unrealistic. If one is to be that protective of the unborn, it should be matched with concern and support for the born. I haven't seen that happen.
    I did say “wisdom” and “vision” are more important to me than a stance on a single issue, in this case abortion. Maybe it is too rational, but the Casey case was not about “asking permission”, it was a “notice” statute. I do see the slippery slope and there is the question about making “notice” a legal requirement, but I do think that always boiling down the argument to “abortion” only is counterproductive or counterreproductive.
    The job of being a justice involves more than voting on Roe2.

  2. I'm always surprised when people see pro-choice as pro-abortion. I don't know a single person who has ever been pro-abortion. We're all anti-abortion, I'm sure. America leads the world in per capita abortion because we won't be honest about sex education, among other things.
    The Godless nations have many fewer abortions per capita because they are willing to deal with reality rather than sentimentality. I would hope that there was never another abortion on the face of the Earth. Nor an unwanted child born.
    Roe needs to be there, but we should educate energetically to cut down on the need for abortion.

  3. The “notice” is a de facto permission that could lead you to getting your head getting kicked in. I don't know if they just take your word (humiliating enough) for that you have notified anybody else or not.
    If I were to have a sufficiently sound relationship with my spouse, had I one, to discuss with same, I wouldn't need the Law to tell me to do that. If the relationship wasn't good enough for that, you want a child born into that household, do you?
    In any case, it doesn't have to do with Law. I'm either being treated as chattel or as a child — neither of which is acceptable amongst equal sentient beings. All I can say to the Old White Guy Judges is Go Stuff Yourselves.

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