Make a Poetry .. MAP .. elan waking x elan dreaming #1

Make a Poetry .. MAP ..

elan waking x elan dreaming #1

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     “Attention is a substance. Attention can travel amongst the intersecting spheres of densities. Monsieur Einstein fussed about his e=mc2 which holds up pretty well in K1, the semi-standard shared steady or fairly predictable and persistent solidity. But attention — the attention point can travel jaguar-like thru the forests of the night and of de-light. A=ec8″.

      Purrs Nickety, the feline assassin specializing in felling hypocrites, had a planet-side putative pal called Spiteful Puffadder. He was cute, sexy, and asked good questions once in a maroon moon, but he knew exactly how to needle her. She knew that when she wrote up the Make a Poetry MAP chapter for the Elan Waking x Elan Dreaming Manual, there would be a flurry of knives that would all impale the bullseye of her tender heart. But, press on regardless was the assassin’s creed even if ridicule and sweet talk were your only weapons in a mean world.

    Purrs said, “Lucid or elan or lively waking (& lucid or elan or lively dreaming, sooth said) is all a matter of deft attention. I put together a whole nice package of pogbloggian angles on deft, deft attention, and deftly intent for you to consult.

       “It’s the awww-kitten theory. When you see a kitten being held by someone, you feel safe. You go , “Aww, how adorrraabble. (Well, I do and many people do. Spiteful Puffyadder would probably like to, but it would de-cool his imagined tuff-guy image (pronounced im-ahhshuh). I use this aww-kitten example because once you get onto the recognition of attention as a thing, as a substance, you can experiment with it, or at the very least observe.

    “Compare also,” said Purrs, “That NLP I think said in some seminar, ‘Notice where you somatisize anger.’  Get over the horrible word somatisize (about which EB White said something like, ‘I’d as soon Simonize my grandmother'). I assumed I knew where I somaticised anger – in other words where in my body did anger concentrate? I assumed my chest, my shoulders, my jaw. But the next time I actually got angry, I realized that I somaticized anger in my forearms. Who knew? So we need a PestPatrol utility scanning our attentions to check out if they’re genuine or have gotten lifeless, juiceless, or just mis-taken.

   “You can send your attention anywhere in time. Or anytime in where.  Now, we like to allow our attention to be manipulated by stories and dance and song and stock tickers I suppose for some. That’s fun and I like it too. It would add to the repertoire of your consciousness though if you began to pay attention to your attention. Not with a furrowed brow tho, nor gritted teeth, but deftly – with no more effort than it takes a butterfly not to crash into the flower upon which it’s landing.

     “Attention that is euphonically and harmoniously deftly formed is often called the zone. Now, a baseball pitcher can be in the zone with his slider but almost slice his thumb off cutting a grapefruit in half. Pitching he can handle his attention brilliantly — tres zone. Halving grapefruits – not-so-zone. I swear that one summer there was a rash of baseball players hacking themselves up trying to halve grapefruits. Anyhow, attention is an undersung substance until you begin to grok it. Have you ever had the phenomenon of learning a new word and then for a week you suddenly hear it being used all over? As you add attentions, it’s like that.

   “Ye owls, now I’m in for it from Spiteful Puffy. But we gotta remind you about the Eskimos and their 25 words for snow. The Eskimos have a refined attention for many more qualities of snow than you and I do because snow is a life or death issue for them. All learning is refining and distilling attentions. And the astonishing thing is that you can have a zillion of them and it’s only more fun.

     “Properly funesed and grokked, attentions are nada but cool. We get tripped up when we lose deft. Deft is the lodestone. There’s a certain effervescence to deft. If we, as we are wont to do but don’t want to do, fall into a leadenness of attention, we are bored or angry or irritated.

   “Obsidian humor may be required to keep the quantum skipping up – when the self-evident stubbornness or stupidity of others seems to be ripping the wings off one’s butterfly of attention on some subject. or other. Obsidian humor is the Advanced Class – harrowing hell is nifty work and if you can’t asbestos up your heart, y’gonna char.

      “But happily and luckily, there’s a lot of attentions honing that all of us can do before we have to throw the lamb chop of our heart to Cerberus. Deft and droll attentions.”



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6 thoughts on “Make a Poetry .. MAP .. elan waking x elan dreaming #1

  1. “All learning is refining and distilling attentions.” I see myself now rather as a Zeus of attentions — hurling lightning bolts of attention at this or that. If I think of Archimedes in the bath tub suddenly understanding displacement, I am time traveling and the attention goes from 'here' to 'there' instantaneously. The variable speed of attention.

  2. hey, roulez. Thanks for the thoughts on the attentions. I first learned about the 'tangibility' of attention from my cat who taught me a swift clawed lesson about her ability to 'see' attention & its wavering. I have to do up that vignette for you all because it's my eureka apple-on-the-noggin moment re attentions.
    'Zeus of attentions' is v. cool.
    I want to write about the galactic web of interweaving attentions anon.

  3. I like to think of myself as quite the athlete, though I know it is a silly fantasy. Yet even in my minor way I have been in the distilled attention of the zone. Time and space themselves are affected by zonery.
    I never, though, thought of my raking the leaves off the big maple in the backyard as a potentially zone attention.

  4. NLP shows how our eyes are the mouse of many of our attentions. We flashedly manuever among intentions with flicks of our eyes up and down and side to side.
    You can't cry looking at the ceiling.

  5. You can't cry looking at the ceiling. Yes, I can. My tears flow then into my ears instead of rivuletting into my mouth thus satisfying my need for salt which the ears cannot do.

  6. I will hazard a guess, druibard, that if you are crying looking at the ceiling, you're taking quick little glances down to access the (K) feelings to re-fuel the keening.
    What's all this bloody blubbering anyhow? Tears into ears? Tears into ears is usually lying down weeping past the ears into the long-suffering pillow.
    Speaking of salt, I think any dis-ease could be cured by being packed into a pristine vat of (dry) Maldon Sea Salt for 1/2 an hour. The sublime stuff besides being the best salt in the world to season food, is magical to pack upon some disoriented part of one's self.
    I haven't put it on my melon yet tho — which might not be a bad idea. (Melon as in head ha ha.)

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