weather report from the aleph ocean

note: sometimes in life, you get very lucky & you happen upon a unicorn.

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weather report from the aleph ocean


yo swine-swill,


   If my fury at you were a wheatfield or the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Aleph Ocean across which the winds strode and showed the fierce or soft flames of the wind on that golden sea of the grain or the indigoes and the amethysts of that molten Aleph Ocean. Thus fury. Zephyrs of fury. Furacaos of fury. It is always fury with us, however hidden or forbidden, limpid or opaque. The storm or the eye of the storm, gored by eros, chaste, the assault, the salt, the insult, the tumult, the stealth of the obsidian sea.

    I am occasionally exempt from your contempt. You do not much reveal how you feel in the Land of Sweet, tho you eclair your whimsical affections in the words of small birds and other jeweled winged things, the visible notes of a melody of mystery, a treasure hunt clued across a maze of times, obsidian & amethyst, cursed & blessed, insane with pain, and memory in the rain, of mirth.

    Some day this times-juggling will be routine, it will be overt, not covert. Still, few enough will be expert at it, have the psychic circus athleticism, the mastery, the danceryness to careen or dervish, pirouette through the portals as they randomly appear. It requires a deft concentration & an hilarity of mind, the new spherical empirical, skidding, skating, scudding, there is rhyme in time, and season, but no reason. Or rather the reason occurs – it is not pre-ordained. You must dance – poorly or surely, times do not stand still.



the aleph ocean .. the aleph ocean is where we live when we seemingly sleep or when we dearly & daffily muse or other meanderings of consciousness from the rigider paths of sense and logic . Its leitmotif, its signature feel is a melodic celtic knotting of times and of densities.   




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3 thoughts on “weather report from the aleph ocean

  1. yeah, I would love to have the time to write the aleph ocean. It's there. Have to get the rent &c sorted so I can transcribe these bigger pieces like the burning child, toadspawn, the beelzebub gospel, & the aleph ocean. If Fat E provides, one day soon. Give me an advance & I'll write it all down.

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