Rove, Cheney, and their Slithery Ilk

Karl, Dick, & their Slithery Ilk


mon cahbahj,


    I hate it when you’re out of the country in particularly trying times. It's about <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />2:29 pst & I'm on tenter hooks. Do I dare to go to sleep after eating a peach? Suppose I don't check CNN every hour & Karlsputin gets indicted & I didn't hear it live? I saw Jack Ruby shoot Oswald live after Jack Kennedy was shot down on my 19th birthday.

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   Flayed as I was then, nothing between then and now prepared me for the brilliant seething cobra-venom menace of the malevolent guy who looks like Santa’s middle-aged nephew. The damage to our sweet future is concussive, crippling.


   Every centavo we spend on a weapon’s system is cheating some bright-eyed kid of a gallivanting future of invention and intense intention. There happens just now to be a helicopter flying over our town in the night for who knows what reason. It makes me think that if I were an Iraq or wherever war-torn, I would be hearing it with such breath-holding dread. Is it coming closer? Is it leaving? Will it fire on our village because Ahmed lied about our neighbor Hareth saying he was a terrorist when he’s just a barber. Ahmed hates Hareth because Zahraa married Hareth instead of him. So he lied to the police. Who needed to tell the Americans something. That wasn’t the helicopter of my death. I hear its rotors clearly further away now.  It will come again in an hour or a day even though Hareth and Zahraa have left for the South.

    I reckon there is some solace in the fact that once you see that military spending is not only abzurd, but obscenely counterproductive, you can’t unsee it. So when Karl, Dick the Dick, & their slithery ilk get it, they’ll get it. Grokwise.

   I remember standing in a hemisphere of light when I grokked it the first time. It was in the Nixon era well before Watergate. I was musing about ye owls know what. All of the rest of the landscape disappeared except the ground – so from horizon to horizon I was immersed in an opalescent white shimmer of air. I just remember how alone I was on the vast stretch of earth in every direction. I realized that war wasn’t just bad and too bad, that it was insane. This was an very rare view in those times – and frankly even today even my friends, except you, thank owls, say, ‘Oh oh, how terrible is war, except sometimes you have to . . .’. Pffft, pifflay. People don’t say, ‘Oh oh, psychosis is terrible terrible, except sometimes . . .’. Psychosis sucks period.

      In that moment, Riffie, I imagined Mr. Nixon who was the slitheriest to date — Little did we know what would come – I imagined Mr. Nixon on a couch in a shrink’s office. The shrink sat out of sight behind him. Mr. Nixon was describing designing huge weapons to fracture and mangle; and all the money poured into death and jellied gasoline to pour on little children to burn them to the bone; and bombs which shot out thousand of nails like bullets; and teaching young men to butcher shouting Kill Kill and to veneeredly feel noble about it. I saw the psychiatrist blanch and his knuckles grow white as he clutched the arm of his chair. He was sweating then, hot and cold and shuddering. Mr. Nixon was so matter-of-fact. Millions upon millions of dollars stolen from the schools and the comfort of the grandmothers and the wellbeing of the psyche of the nation. Businessmen drank blood and stored blood in the wineries of their bank blood accounts. The psychiatrist hugged himself to try to calm his convulsive shuddering as he listened to the grandiose malignant psychotic tale. He thought 'How in the world will I get this man safely to a rubber room?'

    Then the man sat abruptly up and turned and introduced him self to Dr. Flagwaver. “I’m Richard Nixon, Commander in Chief, President of the United States of America.”

    The psychiatrist felt limp with relief. The president! “Oh Sir, for just one minute there I thought you were a raving lunatic. But now that I know you really are president, it’s all OK.”

   Nixon smiled cryptically. “Well, son, he said in barely above a whisper, “if you want to get away with murder, you just need to do it on a big enough scale. It takes balls to dare it, but slaughter enough people, son, and you win, get statues, parades, and pages upon pages in the history books with your picture in front of adoring and cheering crowds. Only kill a few and you get your picture on the post office wall.”

      I remember my shock when I had that indelible vision of the psychosis of war. If it weren’t the president, it would be undeniably clinical.

    Anyhow, honeylamb, I wonder what will become of Karl, Dick the Dick, and their slithery ilk who indenture our countrymen to poverty and sign the order for weapons as if their pen didn’t write blood. How do they not hear the screams of the mutilated collateral damage at night?



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5 thoughts on “Rove, Cheney, and their Slithery Ilk

  1. I love the psychiatrist parable. Yes, the scale of the atrocity does not make it more acceptable, raving lunatics need to remain raving lunatics.

  2. Mr. Lucky, like you I am a fan of Sir Pogblog, surely one of the undersung folk at the Round Table. Or Don Pogblogixote tilting gallantly at windmills that we all might take that necessary chance.
    If you want instant relegation to the Fringe, mutter against the military budget. Their CockRoach Antennae swivel and the alarums blare.
    We are dealing with people who attached nobility to mass murder and get us all to cheer. This is an ad campaign throughout history that beggars imagination. Generations have fallen for this poisonous nectar.

  3. Just as broken-record psyche grooves get worn in consciousness, with a slight nudge or pinballesque tilt, the needle can jump the groove and we can begin a new tune. We are not stuck lionizing raving lunatics forever.
    By the way, ofdroll & CL, the power of prayer clearly doesn't work because the amount of time I've spent praying for ye olde Rapture to occur and hoover up all the Unpleasant Theopatriots shoulda worked by Now.

  4. I've been chiming in on the Rapture Prayers so it isn't an individual failure on your part. I also go way out in the woods near where I live and vigorously chant the Please rapture Now prayers. So it's a progressives system failure. Tho the Pious haven't seemed to have brought it off either.
    Maybe now that Karl is going to jail (fond hope), in order to get out , they'll really work on the Rapture to suck him right up out of the cell leaving only his striped jail suit behind.

  5. btw Mr. Pogblog, it looks like #1999 has already happened. The count makes me feel like I'm looking at the sign outside Mcdonald's that use to say x million served. It was always so inevitable that the number would just keep growing.

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