Karl Rove .. serial Smearer.. thug psychology ..

In this week of October 17 2005, it's time to re-view this mid-summer article and refresh our memories on the real essential rottenness of Mr. Rove & how many people he has hurt — with premeditated malice.   


Karl Rove .. serial Smearer ..

.. thug psychology ..


This gets us up-to-date and gives you something to copy to friends who may not be hip to these sad and dreadful underpinings to the Present Scrupleless Folk who sadly have our sweet future under their heels. 


The hydra-headed info about Mr. Rove's unfettered willingness to smear people is remarkably chilling and under-reported. There are people twisted by power throughout history who we remember for centuries. I think when the full story is known of Mr. Rove's deep willingness to go after people's actual strengths with outright lies and ruin their reputations and lives and say as Mr. Bush did to Mr. McCain with a shrug, “It's politics, John,” Rove will be remembered with the Torquemadas and Machiavellis. Even if you don't know exactly what they did, your skin involuntarily crawls. They were willing to be inhuman or anti-human in a way the rest of us cannot fathom.

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Please remember that this outing the identity of Joe Wilson's wife is just one big spoke in the wheel the hub of which is FixedIntelGate. We sent people to war on fixed intel  which <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Wilson revealed and they wanted his reputation emasculated — 'his wifie sent him.'


Mr. Rove is a serial Smearer. He gets worse and more bold as he keeps getting away with it. And it often has a peculiar sexual innuendo — his male political consultant rival who supposedly made a pass at a young man at a Republican bbq; Ann Richards as lesbian and lesbian sympathizer; the judge with children's charities as pedophile. Accusations where the poor deny-er gets in a “Have you stopped beating your wife' circular hell.


I am sick of someone who acts, in  Josh Green's phrase in the Nov 2004 Atlantic, “where conscience forbids most others” getting cut such slack in the media. At the very least this person should be shunned, not lionized. (He certainly should also be on administrative leave with no security clearance.)


Of course, I would be completely happy to have the wonderful Ann Richards be a lesbian or whatever the heck she wants. But in Texas at the time, this untruth was spread as a 'dirty secret.' Some parts of Texas are lagging in their ability to encompass variety.


It is impossible to get the Smearodent Toothpaste back in the tube. What is John McCain to say? “No, I didn't father a black baby with a prostitute.” Then just even more people hear about it and wonder. Or John Kerry and the Swift Boat ads. “No, it was dangerous as hell and I could have died and I was really brave, unlike you, you chicken hawk.”


You can't rebut this garbage without sounding defensive or vain. The victim of these tactics is in a serious trap.


yours in distress, pogblog


These details of thug psychology come from years of studying this, beginning with the ruthless mentor Lee Atwater, way surpassed by his disciple Karl. A very good recent look is Josh Green's Nov 2004 Atlantic article. (Mr. Green has zero association with the opinions in this post, of course.)

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2 thoughts on “Karl Rove .. serial Smearer.. thug psychology ..

  1. Do more on thug psychology. The unexamined villain can wreck massive havoc.
    Karl Rove has set back national and enviromental and health care etc decency for a generation. But we can't be paralyzed.

  2. This is the week probably (Oct 18 today) when we find out if Fate has a sense of humor or is really implacably mad at us? If we can't have the Rapture you've been praying for so They all swoop up into heaven and leave the rest of us in peace, maybe we can have a dent in Rove? Is begging unseemly?

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