Not Jobs, But Slave Opportunities

Not Jobs,

But Slave Opportunities


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<^> FatHoggists provide not ‘jobs’ but ‘slave opportunities with invisible chains’ – only changed from 1863 perhaps in that they don’t so overtly force open your mouth to check your teeth.

From Hubert Herring, NYTimes (emphases mine) – “Again last year, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy, the ratio of the average chief executive's pay to that of production workers at 367 top corporations [is] … To be exact, for every dollar bill in a worker's pocket, the boss gets $431. And here's a nugget of perspective: If the minimum wage had kept pace with bosses' pay since 1990, it would be $23.03 an hour. … Which bosses are really raking it in? Some of the big money is in war. At companies with at least 10 percent of revenue from military contracts, chief executives' pay tripled from 2001 to 2004.” Go war, Yippee. Tra la la. Skipping all the way to the Swiss Bank Account 


 <^> Pens that write in weightlessness? The Russians simply use pencils.


<^> Where’s the puttering? The strolling? The napping? The siestas? The musing? The lolling about? They keep us with Frantic on the Simmer if not the Boil, in a state of pre-Panic, a Festering of Fear that leaves us in a perpetual adrenal debt nigh unto bankruptcy. An adrenal exhaustion ripvanwinkling us from action – from civil disobedience or civil uprising. From sharpening the figurative Guillotines.

<^> I wish my teeth had been implacable.

<^> Do unto others means paying them a wage you would take. Means putting your kin’s skin in the War (properly called the Mutilation).



I love thee so dearly,

I love thee so severely,

I love thee so fearlessly

That I even find your lice nice.


<^> Always remember that the 12ftTall Lizards Disguised as Human Beings Who Purport to Lead Us are not the same species as we. We remained mammal at (warm) heart. They are cold of heart (Remember ‘collateral damage'), lidless of eye. They prefer property to human beings. We stop a whole rescue operation because some teenager took 15 polyester Atlantic Falcon sports’ jerseys? The iconic 'looting' shot played ad nauseum sadly without the original audio which would have told you (I heard it myself) that there was a report of another levee break and fear of a yet more tragic rise of lethal flood waters – and those ‘looters’ were people frantically trying to break into a boarded-up hotel to give people a ‘vertical evacuation’ escape to higher floors than the street by the convention center where they’d been abandoned. This was explained in the original audio that accompanied that video and was later detached while the video played as b-roll for tut tut looting stories.    


<^>  You’ll get tired of the number of ways I put the following Agenda List, but that’s what Staying On Message is about. I recommend that we embrace their Talking Points' derisive description and say, “Yep, that pesky Far Looney Left Extremist Agenda is universal healthcare; a superb K-College education for every child; a treasured and revered environment; a robust living wage; and nationwide free wireless internet broadband.” If you generally agree, then you need to memorize these and blurt them out to friend and foe at every opportunity. The acronym for Far Looney Left Extremist Agenda is FLLEA – amusing, therefore easy to remember. Pogblog commentator yogaartnat submitted the elegant Happy Elephants Embracing With Burros as a mnemonic device to remember the Far Looney Left Extremist Agenda Talking Points – Healthcare, Education, Environment, Wages, Broadband. (See more about ‘mnemonic devices’ in pogblog’s Glossary.)

    Over time pogblog will talk about the vignettes that go with these basic agenda points, but getting the stripped-down, Fortune Cookie version of them down is the first step.

    It would be droll if it weren't so dangerous — the chat show Automatons who are Sent Forth with Talking Pointsnever failto tar anythong progressive as 'being associated with manipulated by or promoted by “the Looney Left”; “the Looney Left and”; “the Far Left Extremists.” Listen & you'll hear it and what's amazing is that no one ever challenges it. It's so much part of the background static that the anchors et ilk probably don't even notice it. But it lundermines the credibility of what ever actionis being taken. I say we turn the tables as above and defang their ominous tone by embracing the Far Left term and always coupling it with a simple mantra of the short 5 point Agenda as above. 


<^> Remember Saturday September 24 for the biggest Peace Rally ever we hope — all over the country. Detailed info on pogblog here.



Q. Who was the Flounder of Our Country?

A. George Fishington.





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2 thoughts on “Not Jobs, But Slave Opportunities

  1. 431/1 would even be acceptable if the CEO's took 400 times the responsibility when the company failed. Too often, they escape in better financial shape than ever while hundreds of people lost their jobs.
    fwiw, there are nice lizards in the world. Without them, we might not have oil. Still weird that our current lizards are so obsessed with oil. May be something ancestral.

  2. One of the great issues for you all's children or grandchildren is how we get America to get off this odious Money = Virtue subtext that has spreadlike a fungus over the psychic landscape of USofA Inc. Few psychics can bear to study America because the blight — the illth and filth of unkindness is so gruesomely consuming the collective soul of the Red States that the psychics swoon from the seething ugliness of it.
    Alchemy, alchemy, alchemy. How do we heal these folks from Greed Addiction? Turn the pyrite of the Bank Account into the sweet gold of the Karmic Account of how you treat your fellows — are you human, humane?

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