Heed the Hurricane

 Heed the Hurricane


    Some driftwood & detritus washed up by Katrina, Hurricane Suprema. Hurrikan; orkaan; ouragan; uragano; huracán; furacao.

    I’m not sure how vivid a demonstration we need about the meta-requirement to quantum leap to the collaborative model from the competitive, cutthroat model. Gee, a hurricane flattens the mansion and the hut alike and leaves us naked and wind-shocked, water-shocked sitting on the rooftop.

    The re-building task is so vast, requires such massive funds and coordination – that’s it, ain’t it: Coordi Nation – that’s where we’re supposed to live.

   Of course our nation is actually bankrupt – our Notes are held by the Chinese and the Japanese and the and the &c. But we get to pretend and preen because it suits the needs of the Economic Structures as they presently exist. Like in the Cold War, MAD –this is Mutually Assured Delusion, nudge nudge, wink wink.

    How much would we like the National Guard to be back here at home doing what they were supposed to do – guard the nation, and humbly and doggedly clean up and help rebuild the pick-up sticks, the damn mess? Instead of making the punier messes that testosterone can wreck with bombs in a foreign land.

   //I ‘m so sad for the forests tonight. There will be chains saws a plenty cutting the lumber for this reconstruction and clear cutting here we come.

  //Thirty years ago I was in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Puerto Rico in a barrio on the low-lying sea short in a might storm where we were eventually evacuated from the flood. The weirdness of flood is how inexorably it rises. It complete quells and daunts the imagination because there is so nothing you can do about it and obsessively you watch the wall as the water rises – it is a slow-motion levitation.

     As a little girl I was in the legendary Hazel, a ferocious furacao who uprooted our mighty oak tree casually. I remember leaning against the wind not sort of, but actually, completely.

    I’ve been watching weather screens on tv since they invented them and I never saw anything the size of Katrina. Now that we have Undisputed Global Warming, we are going to get routine monster storms because they will have all this warm water to feed upon – to make them furious and dangerous. I think of the Red Spot on Jupiter, a giga-storm which has lasted for centuries since we could have the lens technology to see it in 1655.

   Will we have to live underground? Will we have to live in strange domed stilted dwellings that don’t resemble houses. I mean if in five years, every orkaan is the size and relentlessness of Katrina? Suppose she is the First HorseWoman of the Apocalypse?

    Whatever the sunstorms will have wrought, we will have little time for discretionary wars. Katrina may have been the Hitlera of storms, but we can’t strut Mission Accomplished with our codpiece baked-potato-enhanced like Mr. Bush so embarrassingly on the USS Abe Lincoln. She is only the first Iron Mistress who is going to flatten the shores of God’s nation.

    We know Mr. Bush will strut through the rubble with carefully selected, carefully grateful Victims fawning over his Help. We have to live through that – hopefully we can see through it. The Ultimate and repeated Photo-Op. One cringes – like at Bob Dole’s Viagra ads – please don’t, Bob. Imagining you rampaging around the Kansas mansion after Lizzy for four hours is even worse than having to think of one’s parents being procreative. The Ick & Yuck Factors rise with one’s gorge.

     We will wish we had the $200,000 per minute we’re spending in the quagsands of Iraq to bring to bear in the Good Times Town and its neighbors. The expenses to come will clearly be staggering. It would be handy to have the $14,000 per minute we’re spending on the fantasy Missile CrackPot Scheme aka Star Wars to get the flood-delivered sewage-petroleum slime off the walls of 500,000 houses.

   To Mr. Bush’s Great Joy, this wind-&-water Hell will wipe Iraq completely off the front pages. # 1880 will come and will go. To Hell with Bread & Steroid Circuses & Terrorists. We got Monster Storms to derail rebellion. And windblown anchormen are so photogenic. Halliburton & subsidiaries  will make a zillion on the clean-up and reconstruction and all will be well in the Coffers of Family Bush and Family Cheney and their Ilk.

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But those of us heeding the hurricane will requadruple our efforts toward peace and towards justice. This hurricane cloud will have a silver lining if we can sidestep fear – and press on, regardless. 



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One thought on “Heed the Hurricane

  1. I agree. This is a time for cooperation and vision not just for New Orleans/Gulf Coast and not just for the short term, but for the world and for the rest of time. If this disaster increases the chances of that, then some good may come of this. In the meantime, why isn't the president hoppin gon his mountain bike and at least appearing at the Astrodome to promise help? He says he doesn't want to be a “distraction”, that's quite a confession when you think about it.

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