George Bush: Gigantic Canker on a Pig's Rump

George Bush: Gigantic Canker on a Pig's Rump


Because my line is drawn at Death and Mutilation, I could care less how vehement people are in their speech.

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I could care less how violent movies or video games are, tho I'm happy to remark on their idiot tastelessness or wasteoftimefulness.


My laser focus is on actual Death & Mutilation about which there seems much less outrage — about which we speak in hushed tones.


I am happy to call Mr. Bush a Gigantic Canker on a Pig's Rump and consider it a sycophantic civility.


I suppose I can applaud “calm & peaceful foci” for those to whom that is a soothing m.o., but in the last decade, there's been far too much civility in the USofA Inc re these Death & Poverty-Dealing Bastards who are sucking human resources out of the human system like Monster BloodSuckers from the Planet Mortetsang.


Yes, I would prefer that Rudeness and Coarseness be wielded by folks of pogbloggian skill, but rather than one single bullet in one single brain, I'll take all the rampaging tasteless jerkoffs who want to piss on the tulips and call it wit.


The one-to-one relationship between violent speech and K1¹ (daily life) violence is, per se, zero. I can stem-wind trenchant loathing with the best of them and actually with dandelion-puff-preserving delicacy gently pick up flies so as not to bruise their tiny wings and let them go outside. I’m not the one who countenanced shock-and-awe with actual ordinance and called the resulting kids with arms blown off and eyeballs blown out, collateral damage. Pish-tush, I say. We’ve been under the thumb of Norman Rockwellism too unbloody long in this tepid nation.


The language of loathing has all been on the Right in the USofA Inc. Some tiptoeing girded-up soul from the Left pulls out a water pistol (with lukewarm water, “lest you feel a chill”) and the Right howls with rumpelstiltzkin indignation. My fellow citizens find Mr. Bush “likeable” because nobody has bothered to rip his masks off. There has been entirely too much apology and civility from the Left here. More people should be declaring, “Death & Poverty Dealers be Damned.”


Presidential candidate John Kerry had an excellent, detailed plan repeatedly and civilly laid out with complete sense and elegance, and the media and the public went Yawn. Did the Washington Post beat the drum for this civil and sensible, humane and far-seeing plan? Or even give it column inches and discussion? No. Every columnist at the Washington Post and other so-called major newspapers in this country slunk along with the war drums plenty tho.


If any major columnist had the spine he was born with, he’d stir up some loathing-hued ink for the appalling robbery – in broad day-light, thumbing their noses and laughing out loud – of lifesavings and lifehopes of the middle and lower classes. We need a lot more blistering loathing,  not less. Call a Greedy Bastard, a Greedy Bastard. The Left here has been gelded for at least decade. Gelded, hell – they don’t even bleat like sheep. In the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />UK, you cannot imagine the tedious tepidity of the American Left.


Finally one candidate, Paul Hackett, recently returned from Iraq and running for office in the rabid-Red Ohio hinterlands, called Mr. Bush ‘a chicken hawk’ and ‘a son of a bitch.’ Both true and long overdue for out speaking. Mr. Hackett suggested that some chicken hawk commander in chief who was so stupid as to inflame the enemy by saying, “Bring it On,” when it was the troops who would have to bear the mutilating brunt of his poll-raising bravado was a son of a bitch has got it exactly right and should say it loud and often. Louder and oftener.    


 The Far Looney Extremist Left does have an agenda: universal healthcare; superb K-college public education; a living wage; a treasured, revered environment; and broadband (ultraband) as widespread as phones – all five of which goals so Americans can join a sane and sensible future.




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One thought on “George Bush: Gigantic Canker on a Pig's Rump

  1. fwiw, Hackett is considering running for senate against Mike Dewine in 2006.
    Perhaps there will be a few more plain spoken candidates next year.

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