God shrugs. Satan smirks.

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God shrugs. Satan smirks.


I, 96.66% of the so-called time, have the distinct sensation that I am visiting from the future.

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One of the clues to me is the very great difficulty I have in translating you all's apparent facility with linear time. I am embedded in an holospheric, photonic spice (space-time) funeszing the galloping or snoozing details and someone will say “When's your birthday?”


Innocent question to them. But panic comes over me, “This should be easy. I know they want, they expect an answer. Of course the question is nonsensical in spice, or holo-space-time, hurry hurry, what was the damned answer I gave last time? They expect the same answer every time. I'm ancient in death; an infant in skateboarding. Birthday? Birthday? Dagblast it. Oh my oh my.”


So while I dither, an odd look crosses their face because of course they have met me in their dreams many times, that panoply of spices, but they can't quite lay quit of darling K1, the solid reliable Earth masterpiece of density-engineering, and slide into kaleido-time for a splash.



Another clue is the notion I wrote about recently: “the solidarity of the living – the civil right to remain unmaimed.” In the year 3000, we would be somewhere along the emotio-spectrum from agog to appalled at the idea that sentient creatures could deliberately maim each other.


   I realized that when I visited you in the summer of 2005, you had some serial murderer, repulsive & loathsome, who had murdered a dozen people. There was huffing and puffing and clucking, “Monster. Remorseless. On & On.” In the exact same days, your remorseless Murderer-in-Chief who had by proxy killed or maimed 100,000 non-combatants was swaggering around being protected by strong and handsome young viriles who had at hand a special Device where MaimerDood could cause the destruction of  millions in one very fell swoop. There was no recoil. No shame. No projectile vomiting of disbelief. It was all considered not only normal, but very fine. Sketches of official portraits were being prepared and a new official chef to fed the Maimer and its family was just hired.


   In Y3000, we couldn’t even write a nice cathartic horror tale with a character this grotesque, least of all imagine this servile a populace who sent cabbages to his kitchens for coleslaw. And no one cries out? No one, shuddering, points a finger with a pealing cry of anguish and falls to the earth turned to stone?


    One of my fellows from Y3000 searched in our dusty nano-digital archives and found that in Y2002, 425,000 people in the USofA Inc alone died of tobacco-related causes. 3000 people died in the ‘terrorist’ attacks which generated the mobilization of vast armies and shock&awe. Not one battalion was mobilized to attack either R.J.Reynolds or Philip Morris, clearly a huger danger to the public life & lung than some scraggly measly minor league terrorists of Arab descent. Citizens are not losing rights, being patted down in airports, and profiled to see if they are wielding a pack of Winstons.


Where in the Hell is Reason? (Note to right-wing imbeciles: Of course the officially designated terrorists suck. No, I do not support ‘terrorists.’ No, I am not against our troops. Yes, I am actually trying to do my damnedest to bring them home alive and unmaimed. And if there are any other idiot and pre-psychotic twistings of what I’m saying that you might be churning up in your febrile brains, don’t. Like with the bible, I mean literally what I’m saying. Unless I’m taking a flyer off into the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Land of Irony, a subject, like jazz – if y’gotta ask &c.)

   So we’re all a tut tut with revulsion at someone who offs 12 people and not only la de dah, but actively hurrah about the mega-mass murderer & minions who have offed enough Iraqi non-combatants to fill 30 World Trade Centers? How is the future to get their minds&hearts around this impossible concept?

    And the people who make timid little demur around the edges, who like little mices squeak out – they are reviled with a vehemence which has to be witnessed to be believed. Satan doesn’t even have to break a sweat to put this planet in His column. God shrugs. Satan smirks. People didn’t even put up a fight. That’s what so damned sad when it gets looked back on from Y3000.




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2 thoughts on “God shrugs. Satan smirks.

  1. God shrugs indeed because He gave this lot –us -a priceless gift of free will and then gave this planet to Satan and said Give them Hell and see how they'll cope. We have always a choice. It's either on the side of Light or Darkness. Attack darkness by spreading light, because that's the only weapon we have. Hating another human being is asking for trouble, because hate is stored in Satan's Supermarket at a huge discount to his customers. BushMen had their first choice after 9/11. They could have set out to win hearts of people, but they chose to play Satan's game: vengeance, death, hatred. He didn't even smirked – he laughed and started talking to Dubya directly. It's his oldest trick- pretending to be God. He actually thinks he is god of this planet.
    Yes , it is sad that the majority of people chose Bush and his minion, Blair. But you can fool some people some of the time. You can't fool all of them all the time. And people are waking up. Cindy created a calm and peaceful focus which is like a whirlpool sucking Bush and his helpless pretorian guards into it. They are trying to drown her and her poignant question they cannot answer otherwise than by hissing their cynical and meaningless “noble cause”. But I am worried by Cindy's being overrun by too many people who, belatedly, are trying to exploit her lovely bonfire to lit their own little egotistic matchsticks. Let's hope she can tell the difference between real helpers and the useless hangers-on.
    I tend to agree with David Ignatius, WP's columnist, when he wrote:
    “Sorry, folks, but loathing is not a strategy — especially when much
    of the country finds the object of your loathing a likable guy.
    America doesn't need more of the angry, embittered shouting matches
    that take place on talk radio and in the blogosphere. It needs a real
    opposition party that will lay out new strategies”
    But you follow your own heart and mind as you have always done, Pogblog. Sorry for this long response.

  2. I agree. The genius of Cindy Sheehan is that she challenged the president to carry out a simple compassionate act, talk to the mother of a dead soldier and explain why he was in Iraq.
    I've never smoked, but as I get older I have no problem with the notion that some people take pleasure in it. I only ask that they pay the full cost of their medical bills and not smoke anywhere near me. And is smoking really the darkside if smokers are always talking about “lighting up”.
    Is metaphorical violence embracing the darkside, if it keeps one from engaging in physically destructive acts? And why do I sound like a George Lucas movie?

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